The Pelican on the Rosy Cross

by Theodoulos (c) 2001
This Emblem was taken from the book:
L'Homme-Dieu -- Traite' des deux natures
by Jean-Baptiste Willermoz,
(Collection Martiniste, Diffusion Rosicrucienne)


(Note: Truth is infinite and cannot be "imprisoned" in any formulation or symbolic emblem.
So, an emblem expresses an infinitude of dimensions of Ideas and can be interpreted
in many different (but always complementary) ways.
Here we only give hints regarding our subject, which is Theurgy).

The above emblem is of Rosicrucian origin and shows clearly the central idea of both Martinism and Rosicrucianism.

It is composed of four elements:

The Cross

From an invisible point emerge two lines: this is the symbol of the Cross.

It symbolizes the Invisible and Unfathomable Source of Life.
It is the Philosophical element of "Fire", that expresses Itself by mans of two expressions: "Light" and "Heat".
It denotes God with His two expressions: Wisdom and Love.

The Circle

The Circle stands for the spiritual plane. But, combined with the Cross, it has also a completely different meaning: it denotes the notion of the limit. In the Emblem, the lines of the Cross do not extend ad infinitum, but they stop at the barrier of the Circle.
Since we cannot accept limitations regarding God or His expressions, we will interpret the role of the Circle as one of completion: Completion of the Great Work of the Universal Reintegration.

The combination of the Cross and the Circle show the influence (or operation) of the invisible Center on the Universal Creation by means of the two fore-mentioned expressions.

The Hexagram (or geometrical Rose)

The Hexagram shows a duality, since it is composed by two triangles. It is the duality of the above and the below, the spiritual and the material, that cooperate for the completion of the Great Work.

The Pelican

The Pelican wounds itself in order to save its offspring from hunger. So, it is a symbol of the ultimate Sacrifice. It symbolizes God's Word, that sacrificed Himself on the Cross in order to save mankind.

On Theurgy

Regarding Theurgy, the above Emblem shows:

of Theurgy.

By meditating upon it and with the help of the hints given and of the previous summary, the reader may find the "key" that unsolves the "mystery" of the ritual application of the above Emblem.

(As a matter of fact, it is our opinion that the book "Theurgy, The Sacret Art of the Adepts" is nothing else but an application of the above Emblem!).